frag-mutti - ad tag test page

This page contains the complete ad configuration

🔧 Integration

This code should be placed in the head of your page

<!-- google ad manager tag (required) -->
<script async="async" src=""></script>
<!-- tag (required) -->
<script async src=""></script>
<!-- your ad tag -->
<script async="async" src="{{domain}}moli_5d2b19458fa25305d181.js"></script>

Next you need to request ads. Before you do that you can set additional targeting information. See the API Summary for a inclusive list of functions The code snippet above demonstrates on how to set iab channels and sub channels.

<!-- place this whereever you want -->
  // initialize the command queue
  window.moli = window.moli || { que: [] };
  window.moli.que.push(function(moliAdTag) {
    // set iab main channel - replace iabMainChannel with whatever logic you have to retrieve this
    if (iabMainChannel) {
        moliAdTag.setTargeting('channel', iabMainChannel);

    // set iab sub channel - replace iabSubChannel with whatever logic you have to retrieve this
    if (iabSubChannel) {
        moliAdTag.setTargeting('subChannel', iabSubChannel);

    // set push notifications key-value
    moliAdTag.setTargeting('fm_push', 'true');

    // trigger floor ad only if there's no newsletter popup
    if (window.document.cookie.indexOf("mobile_nl_form=") >= 0) {

    // trigger ads


Additionally to skript integrated in the head of your page, place this button on your page to open the user interface.

<script src=""></script>
<button type="button" onclick="__cmp('showConsentTool', true, function(data) {console.log(data)});" class="Button Button--flatBlue Button--small">Datenschutz Einstellungen öffnen></button>

🔮 Moli Console

You can get more details by opening the moli console.

enable ad tag console logs enable prebid console logs enable test mode enable fm_push key-value

Or if you are developer type this into the javascript console


Ad Slots

gf-mobile-presenter (fm_mobile_presenter)

gf-sky (fm_sidebar)

gf-sticky-bottom (fm_mobile_stickyad)

gf-superbanner (fm_header)

gf-right-column (fm_maginal)

gf-in-tip (fm_tip1)

gf-in-tip2 (fm_tip2)

gf-comments-1 (fm_comments1)

gf-comments-2 (fm_comments2)

gf-comments-3 (fm_comments3)

gf-topic-1 (fm_topic1)

gf-topic-2 (fm_topic2)

gf-topic-3 (fm_topic3)

gf-topic-4 (fm_topic4)

gf-tiplist-1 (fm_tiplist1)

gf-tiplist-2 (fm_tiplist2)

gf-outstream-tip (fm_tip_outstream)

gf-outstream-topic (fm_topic_outstream)




This ad is only activated if the ShowFloorAd label is present. The label is being added if the mobile_nl_form cookie is present.

You can force a test ad by opening this page which sets a short time cooke that forces a just premium response.